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We made it to Key West on Friday evening and immediately had a game plan. We had spent a day in Key West this past summer and knew we had to go back to DJ’s Clam Shack for a lobster roll and fried clams and to Blue Heaven for the perfect piece of Key Lime Pie. Night 1 = success.




The next morning we hit the beach for the sunrise wedding of our two friends. Everything was beautiful. Loved the bride’s JCrew dress 🙂





We spent the rest of the day enjoying a wonderful brunch and conch tour with the bride and groom. Took a nap. Watched a little Texas Tech football, and went to the wedding dinner where the bride and groom served wine from the California winery where they got engaged. Amazing! It was an honor to celebrate with them. Oh, and my Aggies beat #1 Alabama while we were at dinner. I may or may not have been monitoring the game on my phone while chatting with the bride’s grandfather whom I’m going to adopt 😉

All the best to you, Andy and Bayley! Thanks for giving us a great excuse to take a little mini-vacay and for letting us join you in celebrating the beginning of your new life together!


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It’s the Journey that Counts

Miami behind. Key West ahead.


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A Few Hours in Miami

So, it turns out flying to Key West is not cheap, but we had to get there as 2 friends of ours chose this as the perfect spot to exchange vows. How to get to Key West without breaking the bank? Hmmmmm. Flying to Miami looks cheaper. My sister lives in Miami. Bet the drive from Miami to Key West is beautiful. Perfect! We’re going to Miami.

And, so we did.

For 22 hours.

Neither Stephen or I had been before, but now we’re looking for reasons to go back. Barney fit right in on South Beach. No surprise there if you know our “no, I don’t eat milk bones – only fine cheeses and homemade dog treats” shih tzu. Don’t know how it happened, but the dog has developed quite the palette. Not even sure if it’s fair to call him a dog at this point, but I digress. Here are some shots of our 22 hour stay in Miami.

The pool and view from our beautiful hotel:

Barney and I enjoying a drink in the abnormally cold Miami weather:

Stephen testing out the hot chocolate with Bailey’s:

My beautiful sister:

Gorgeous Miami Beach:

Can I have some stone crabs, Dad?

Already missing this hotel.

Hope to see you soon, Miami! Thanks for the (super fast) fun!

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The Thankful Traveler

Thankful for a little November getaway compliments of 2 friends who decided to get married in Key West. Thankful for them, their decision to get married in a great location that mandates a vacation, my sister for being generally awesome and agreeing to hang out with us in Miami on our way to the Keys, and for the fall edition of my travel faves.

Also thankful for my jet setting shih tzu

And my Tom’s

And 3 years of life with my best bud

He’s thankful for duty free Harrod’s hot chocolate compliments of my last adventure.

Next stop: Miami

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Christmas 2010 will find us in Disney World with some awesome friends from California!

Can’t wait!!!!!

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A Picture Post

Over Memorial Day weekend, Stephen and I went to San Fransisco. This is definitely one of my favorite cities and totally satisfied our need to go somewhere over a short amount a time with a short amount of cash 🙂

Getting ready to leave:

The infamous sea lions:

We went to the farmer’s market and had an awesome picnic with great cheese (thank you Cowgirl Creamery):

We rented bikes and road across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito!

Proof that we made it 🙂

We did a wine tasting, Stephen ate a humongous sunday at Ghiradelli Square, and we saw Patrick and Cassy! We ate great Italian, walked our fair share of hills, and saw an obscene amount of people smoking pot in broad daylight on the sidewalk. It was a great trip.

Back home, we survived and conquered NIWeek 2010. Stephen met with tons of customers and I spent the week celebrating the accomplishments of the engineers in my department and teaching some teachers how to use LabVIEW with Legos in their classrooms.

Thanksgiving Day Parade:Macy’s::NIWeek:National Instruments

Coming up next…..

Football season (Barney will be sporting monogrammed football attire, pics to come):

My first marathon:

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